Drama catch-up

Friendzone The Series – So, I have to admit, I haven’t actually watched the whole first episode yet. I’ve watched the Singto/Nat cuts (they only had two scenes)… AND BOY WERE THEY ADORABLE! The second episode only just aired so doesn’t have subs yet, but Singto and Nat have a lot more scenes so I’ll probably watch the whole thing. I do plan on watching episode 1 with subs at some point… Obviously I have no opinion on the show at the moment but I will say that Singto (who takes up the most space in my heart) still isn’t the best actor in the world but his laugh can conquer every heart in the room. I look forward to seeing him get angry as well. Oh, and it was nice seeing Ten with his cameo as Plustor’s friend in the first episode.

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Drama catch-up

Bhuppae Sunniwat – This was craaaaaaaazy popular, both in Thailand and overseas. This is the first time I saw Channel 3 be so gungho about shutting fansubbers down, it was nuts. I do understand why though; the lakorn was very sweet, well acted, and well written. I’ll be honest, I did get bored when the episodes were heavy on the politics, and I did fast forward through some of Constantine and Maria (I think we were meant to feel sympathetic for him at the end, but no), but Por Date and his family were beautiful and fun, and Karakade was awesome and sassy and hilarious, and their relationship was adorable. Plus, every episode had bloopers, which are always my favourite part of any show. It helps that Bella and Pope are both awesome in real life.Pope laughing.gif

History 2: Boundary Crossing (aka Crossing the Line) – The cutest and best History series so far. No complaints, just watch it, it’s beautiful and short and there are two couples and they’re both cute and argh, I am so in love with this series. It’s only 8 episodes, which makes it even more perfect.

Khun Mae Suam Roy – Pop and Bua! This show wasn’t primetime, so it was 31 episodes of 45 minutes each, which is always preferable to the almost-2-hour-long primetime lakorns. There was a bit of a twist at the end, which was pretty funny, and Pop was just lovely. The relationship between Pop and Bua developed very naturally, going from people who basically hated each other, to learning to trust each other and becoming solid friends, and then eventually lovers. It was well done and much appreciated. 31 episodes didn’t even feel too many; I would have kept watching if there were more. It’s going on my “Lakorns to recommend” list.

Flames Daughter Vic Zhou.pngFlame’s Daughter – I actually did like this for the most part, but it went off the rails in the last third. This guy was so pretty though >>>>

Love Bipolar – This was only 4 episodes but felt like it had been written for 6. So the last episode felt rushed. Other than that, it was fairly sweet.

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) – The first 8 episodes were basically just cuteness all the time. So cute. So so so cute. The second half of the series is darker. I mean, they still have cute but now we’ve had too much of the cute so we’re a little bit over it, and her Mum is being ridiculous and annoying. Jung Haein is a delight though, and everyone is doing a great job with their roles. I could NOT CARE LESS about the office politics, I tune out whenever that’s on screen.

Suits – 6 episodes in, and I’m bored with the legal cases sometimes but I do like Park Hyung Sik and his friendship with his boss. I don’t know why he has to be so close to his friend’s ex-girlfriend. She’s a nice person but a bit pathetic and is causing a misunderstanding between him and the paralegal (through no fault of her own, I know).

Kabadin – Matt and James Ma aren’t a couple I would necessarily put together, they don’t really suit each other that much, but it worked for this show. It was maybe a bit long but a solid drama with a solid relationship that went rocky at the end only because they had episodes left that they had to fill with drama. They also pretty much let the elephants do what they wanted, which made for some funny moments.Kabadin elephant.gif

Wok of Love – Just started so not much to say other than that Jang Hyuk is the best thing about the show. Well, his character. It’s awesome.

Idol Producer – This was the Chinese unofficial ripoff of Produce 101, and I voted every day for my boy Nong Nong and my boy You Zhangjing, and they both got into the top 9 and are now hugely popular everywhere (including in the US, where they were crushed by fans at LAX airport when they arrived for training).

The Great Seducer – Wow, Woo Dohwan just needs to always be sad or sexy or cute, he does it so well. I enjoyed this show, even when Sooji was being cray cray or when Sejoo was betraying his friend, or when the parents were being boring. And I got my happy ending, which is what I wanted and expected since before it even started. One couple I ended up really loving was Hyejung and her bartender boyfriend. They were freaking adorable! I do wish it had rated better, it didn’t deserve the 1.5 ratings it was getting. When Ryu Junyeol did a low rating show, he went to movieland and hasn’t come back yet so I’m hoping Woo Dohwan doesn’t follow suit.Puppy Seducer.gif

You Drive Me Crazy – This was just a special, so it was only 4 episodes. Kim Sun Ho is a star on the rise and I luff him.

Youniverse – This was a little GMMTV web series with Chimon, Nanon, Jan and Saisee. Nanon is only 17, playing against 23 year old Jan, but somehow they look almost the same age, which is actually amazing. The episodes were about 10 minutes each, and at only 4 episodes, it obviously didn’t go too in depth into anything. It was cute enough but nothing overly special.

Nueng Dao Fah Diew – I’ve only watched one episode so I have nothing to say. I’m mostly putting this here as a placeholder. Taew and James Ji.

OffGun Fun Night – I’ve said before that the only reason I have this blog is because I need somewhere to put my gifs. Here are some more, lol

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