This is my first post on my new blog and as I have no theme and nothing to write about, I have decided to try writing posts using daily prompts from the Daily Post. The prompt on January 1 was the delightfully appropriate ‘Year’. While it may not be January 1st anymore, that particular prompt did seem a perfect way to begin my blog.

It is now 2017, it is my 31st year on this planet and I have accomplished absolutely nothing. I do not have a family, I do not have a career, I do not own a house or any viable assets, I have very little savings. Right up to my 28th year, I just lived in Melbourne and worked in a fairly crappy job saving up money to travel when I could get time off work. In 2014 though, I decided to up and move to London, and so that is where I have been for the last 2 years. Living in London doing whatever I wanted, spending my money however I wanted, with no responsibilities tying me down. I flew to Milan for a weekend to see a Chinese actor, I flew to New York to watch my favourite k-pop group, I flew to Helsinki, to Madrid, to Paris, to Egypt, to Copenhagen, to Vienna and Stockholm for Eurovision, to Russia, to Iceland. I drove through Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales when my Mum visited; after quitting my job in London I spent three months travelling around Korea and Japan. I lived for myself and myself only. I will continue in that fashion for at least the next two years, as I move to Canada on a working holiday visa.

I do sometimes wonder if enjoying my life now means I will regret it later though. I don’t want children or a long term partner and never have but occasionally I do think about my future. When I’m the crazy old cat lady living in her cheap 1 bedroom apartment who spends her nights watching TV and spying on the neighbours, will I think to myself “It would be nice to have someone to cuddle right now”? At the moment, I don’t like people in my space; I’m not very good at compromising, and I’m very selfish. I like what I like and I don’t want to change so that someone else can fit into my life. The minute I bring someone into my life, I lose the freedom I currently have to just run away for a weekend. But if the day ever comes when I stop travelling and decide it’s time to put down some roots, will it then be too late?

I don’t know. I’m just going to continue living my life and leave the future in the future. If i regret it, I regret it. But while I’m living these years, I’m going to live them and enjoy them to the fullest while I can.