via Daily Prompt: Ordinary

In Korean, the word for ‘ordinary/normal’ is “potong” (보통). In Chinese, it’s “putong” (普通). The Korean word comes from the same Chinese characters but I wonder if they always pronounced it with that slight difference (‘o’ instead of ‘u’), or if it changed over time.

Whenever I’m watching Chinese dramas, I always love hearing a word and realising “Oh hey, that’s another one Korea kept from the old Chinese”. Korean people originally spoke their own version of Classical Chinese until one day King Sejong created hangul to make it easier for his people to become literate. I’ve watched 3 dramas with King Sejong in them and he’s always portrayed as a good King. Seeing as it was hundreds of years ago, he probably also killed a bunch of people. Who knows. Anyway, Potong is one of the first words that I learned was a carry over from the old days, so whenever I think ‘ordinary’, I think of ‘potong’.



via Daily Prompt: Record

My friend has started collecting records (aka vinyl). In 2017. It’s a thing again. Why?


via Daily Prompt: Murmuration

“What the hell does Murmuration mean?” was obviously the first thing I thought when I saw this prompt. Google informed me that it’s the name for a flock of starlings flying together. They make all sorts of amazing formations, so it looks really cool. It actually reminded me of the school of fish in Finding Nemo that gave Dory directions. “Safety in numbers” is what the birds are thinking. Is it the same for fish?


Check it out, a heart of starlings!