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Obviously, We Are The Champions



via Daily Prompt: Passport

Did you know the Australian passport is ranked 7th on the Global Passport index, along with New Zealand and Iceland? Why is that? Why are there some countries that Australians can’t enter without a visa but passport holders from Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and 19 other countries can? What are we lacking? Genuine question.

Anyway, I have two passports. I have my flashy new Aussie passport, which I needed to get renewed before I move to Canada, and I have my British passport (ranked 3rd on the GP index), which used to be so much more valuable before Brexit happened. Now, it’s fairly useless as all it gets me is the right to live in the UK without a visa. With my UK passport in Europe, I could go through the EU line instead of the Everything Else line at Immigration; it was honestly one of the best things about travelling with my Mum because I could tease her every time I got through quicker than she did (yes, I am that childish).

The current British passports still say that it’s part of the EU; I wonder if we’ll need to replace our passports soon…