Asian Dramas

Okay, I’m going to get back into updating myself on what I’m watching. I like having that record, especially because I have such a bad memory. It helps when I’m trying to make a Best of list at the end of the year. So far, I think I only have two dramas on that list! I also want somewhere to put the gifs I make. I haven’t figured out how to properly format these posts though so I can’t put them next to paragraphs like I could on Blogger. There must be a way but I’m a noob.

Note: there will always be spoilers in all of my posts about dramas. Beware.

What I’m currently watching:

Suspicious Partner – Cute, I like it, main pair are adorable, Ji Chang Wook is lovely, I’m totally a fan of Nam Ji Hyun when she’s not doing aegyo (that is not fun. Don’t do that, Ji Hyun-ah), and the other side characters are enjoyable. Choi Tae Joon is mighty fine and I actually don’t hate him at all for what he did to his best friend, which actually means I’m not overly invested in the show. So, I like it, i like the characters, but I’m not fully there. It’s a superficial drama.Cutie Chang Wook

Circle – Only watched 2 eps so far, it’s interesting but would probably be the first drama to go if I had to drop one. Which I won’t have to, but it’s the most different out of all of the dramas I’m watching. I like the idea of it, I just need more things to fall into place. It’s bit confusing this early on.

Fight For My Way – Only 4 eps in, it’s one of those “Not bad, not great, cute enough, I’ll stick with it” dramas. I don’t really dislike anyone enough to quit, but it’s not must-watch tv. I really like Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon though so it’s worth watching for them. It’s Kim Ji Won’s first lead role, as well, so I want to support her.

Chicago Typewriter – Love everything except for Taemin’s storyline in the present timeline. Love the romance, love the bromance, love the mystery, love the 1930’s scenes, love how the actors look in the 1930’s gear, love the unexpected comedy. Love the OST covers.Chicago Typewriter OST cover.png

My Secret Romance – Just finished. If they hadn’t padded it out with so many flashbacks, it would have been a much better drama. As it is though, it was a nice bit of fluff. And some great make out scenes. Sung Hoon knows what he’s doing.

Lookout – Amazing cast. Only early days but I think it will pick up in time. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with Kim Young Kwang. I mean, I know that he’s trying to get revenge but, is he letting bad guys escape just so he can climb the ranks? He sent that guy to confess in the police station knowing that the Prosecutors would let him go. Why? So until I fully understand what’s going on, I don’t think I’ll be fully invested.

What I have watched already:

Eternal Love (aka 3 Lives, 3 Worlds, 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms) – Chinese, ridiculously addictive after episode 11, beautiful and heartbreaking romance, frustrating if you like the side romances that lead nowhere, some very very funny moments, excellent sex scenes. Most watched Chinese drama ever, and well deserved. It also introduced me to some new Chinese actors who I will be following in the future (Gal Wei Guang and Dilraba, and I was already following Yu Meng Long after his stint in Go Princess Go).

Because Of Meeting You – Also Chinese, good, watchable as long as you fast forward the evil bitch and the mothers. But the main pair are adorable and stick together the entire show. No silly misunderstandings, they just love each other. And the main girl doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit (okay, except for the first 20 eps or so, but then she totally stands up for herself from then on).

Introverted Boss – I don’t even remember how this ended. I wanted it to be better.

Missing 9 – I started watching for Chanyeol and then realised the very talented Jung Kyung Ho and a pretty Baek Jin Hee were in it, and Choi Taejoon was looking lovely as well, so I kept watching. I enjoyed it too, almost for the whole show. It did get too ridiculous by the end though.

The Liar & His Lover – So. Cute. Okay, it lost something of itself in the last few episodes but we got some cute OST’s out of it, and Joy suited the role even though she’s massively green, and the lead singer of Uniq did a pretty good job (I even want to learn his name now), and I am definitely following Lee Seo Won now (after this and Uncontrollably Fond, he is my boy). All of the characters were fairly well developed, and you understood why they did what they did, and there was only one character that you really disliked and she disappeared after her stint was done.Chanyoung.png

Queen of the Ring – Little cute web special with Kim Seulgi. I do love her.

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People – Leading role for my boy Yoon Kyun Sang :-). Not a bad show, I watched and enjoyed it to the end, but not a show I’d rewatch. Mori was a character they could have given more screen time to, I felt.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Definitely did not deserve the ratings and the praise it received in Korea, however the actors did. So I can’t bemoan the attention it received because it meant Park Hyungsik became more popular and I do love him. Park Bo Young was already popular but this launched her a bit higher. The romance was the only thing people cared about, it’s the only thing that kept the show bearable. Why did the gangsters have so many scenes in the later episodes? And some episodes were 100% filler!

Hwarang – Jidwi, my love! Park Hyungsik rocked it as the brooding King. Park Seo Joon and Go Ara did what they could with boring characters. I loved the pretty, and I loved the little side romance between Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon (they were my favourite thing about the whole drama, in fact), and V was god damn adorable even though he really isn’t the greatest of actors. It was a drama with such potential, it’s a pity the writer didn’t know how to capitalise on it.Ban Ryu hug

Goblin/Dokkaebi – This finished in January so I probably didn’t mention it in my 2016 list. Pretty. Heartbreaking. Sweet. Funny. I never did understand why he was punished so severely though, they never explained it.

Dramas aired in earlier years that I watched in 2017:

Waiting For You – A Chinese drama with Wang Kai that aired in 2015 that I helped segment on Viki this year. Not really worth watching but there were some totally adorable Wang Kai moments.Waiting for You mum and Kai.gif

Love020 – Was a 2016 drama. Cute. I liked it. They could have done so much more with the gay storyline but I guess a.) it’s China, and b.) they followed the novel.

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu – A 2016 Japanese drama, the only one I’ve watched this year, I think. It was sweet and odd. Very Japanese.
Nigeru hug

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky – Another Chinese drama that came out last year but that I think I watched this year. A web series, I think. Hilarious CGI. I’d say it’s one of those dramas that isn’t actually good, but for some reason you keep watching anyway. I liked the main pair, for the most part. Another drama is coming out at some point set in the same universe. I might check that out.

U-Prince Series – There’s a series of 12 mini-dramas that started airing on GMMTV last year, a Thai network. Each series is around 4 episodes (except the first which was 8) and each series is about a member of a different major at the University. The first ‘Prince’ was studying agriculture, the third was a geologist, etc. I haven’t watched them all but I have watched Handsome Cowboy (the first and the worst; the main guy was an abusive cheating douchebag pretty much right to the end), Badass Baker (boring but watchable), Extroverted Humanist (with my favourite boy Captain), and the Gentle Vet (I honestly don’t even remember it. I think it was cute). In this show, Captain played the brother of White, and the reason I know the two of them is because they played boyfriends in Love Sick. From lovers to brothers ;-). They’re actually friends in real life now.

Oh, I’m also watching the Norwegian drama SKAM, and I’m solely mentioning that so that I can put these gifs here: