Drama update

Duel – 4 episodes in now, and I’ve decided I’ll stick with it. Mostly for Yang Se Jong but also because I want to find out the whole story. Why did they clone this man, who is the man who killed him, why is that Journalist digging into all of this, what did her mother do? All of those questions, I look forward to having answered. While getting to watch Yang Se Jong act as two different characters while looking oh so pretty. They get points taken off for not giving them different hairstyles though. When you have good and evil twins, clearly one of them has bangs and the other doesn’t. That’s the unspoken rule and it isn’t being followed here!Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 19.13.54.png

Circle – We now know who everyone is and now just need to learn the secrets of the Human B experiment thing. It’s all very interesting, although not really a crack drama. But interesting. I do love the idea of Smart City. No bad memories, just a nice peaceful life. I could handle that, I reckon.

U-Prince Series: Crazy Artist – Probably the nicest of all of the dramas. They just met, hung out, fell in love. Very sweet. The characters were rather natural too. She wasn’t over the top, neither was he, they were just normal. I wasn’t expecting that ending but I guess it was realistic. Or, as realistic as a GMM TV teen drama can be?

U-Prince Series: Single Lawyer – Another one. The main pair were cute enough. Pretty as a couple; I loved taking screenshots of them, they look so perfect together. The main guy’s brother (played by one of the boys from SOTUS) was a problem though. He said he was gay but then got drunk and tried to sexually assault the main girl, his best friend. And then she forgave him pretty much instantly. No, he terrified you and had you running away crying “Rape!” He doesn’t just get to say sorry and be forgiven like that! I know he was confused and upset about his boyfriend but that doesn’t excuse it! I will say though, that the actor does an “I’m upset and apologetic” look really well. Oh, and there was a weird moment where the brother’s boyfriend acted like a douche and he was forgiven immediately as well, but the whole storyline was so unnecessary that I don’t even know why it was in the drama in the first place. Very frustrating.

Fight For My Way – Wow, we’re really getting somewhere now. We’re halfway through and the romance is beginning, and we just had a major twist from Choi Woo Sik who turned out to just be a long cameo. He did such a good job, I hope we get to see him as a lead again soon. And Dong Man is a top fighter but would choose Aera over his dream if he had to, and there’s something going on with their landlady which should be fun to watch, and the secondary pair are possibly going to break up soon (and then get back together, obviously). Great show, I’m enjoying it.

Chicago Typewriter – I cried in the last episode, when Shin Yul received Hwi Young’s letter. It was so heartbreaking! Definitely Top 5 of the year, without doubt. And everyone should win an award.

Lookout – Kim Young Kwang looks so good in this, wow. And is a great actor too. Two thumbs up from me, Young Kwang. And everyone else as well. Brilliant cast, and I’m really enjoying the story and looking forward to when the bad guy gets his comeuppance. And it should be fun watching Soo Ji find out who the leader is.Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.43.31.png

Suspicious Partner – Ji Chang Wook, adorbs. Choi Tae Joon, so pretty. Nam Ji Hyun, also adorbs. That’s pretty much the show. And, I’m not happy about the paralegal. Don’t hurt me like that, Show.

Best Hit – I’m so curious to know why Hyunjae was in 1993 when he went forward in time but history says he disappeared in 1994. So, that means he went back to 1993, lived there for a while, and then disappeared again? Hopefully back to the future? But why would we learn that so early, if that was the case? Anyway, he’s such a little douche but in a harmless way, and he does these kind things every now & then as well which reminds you that he’s not quite as bad as he seems. Watching his romance with Woo Seung grow will be fun, as will the relationship between Ji Hoon and the female idol trainee, and Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae, and Hyun Jae and Kwang Jae, and finding out Hyun Jae’s history with Bo Hee. Oh, and next week we get to see more of MJ (played by Astro’s Cha Eun Woo), which I can’t wait for. He’s cute and there’s more to his character than we know. Yoon Si Yoon is love, of course. Check out this video of him performing at Music Bank in character, alongside his co-star in the drama Hong Kyung Min (who also wrote the song!)

Yoon Si Yoon gif 3.gif

Ruler of the Mask – I dunno, it’s fine, nothing to write home about but Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun and even Myung Soo are doing a great job with what they’re given. I don’t necessarily want to drop it but if I get a job and run out of time for dramas, this will be the one to go.

My Only Love Song – A cute little web series that was filmed last year but only aired on Netflix recently. It’s produced by FNC, I think, or they had something to do with it because Jonghyun from CN Blue and my boy Jaejin from FT Island star in it alongside Gong Seungyeon. It’s very silly, although does calm down as it goes on. Main girl is rather annoying at first but she settles as well. 20 episodes at 30 minutes each, so it’s not a difficult watch.

SOTUS The Series – 2016. This was based on an online bl novel and apparently was pretty loyal to the book. I quite enjoyed it, it’s probably one of the better GMM TV dramas I’ve watched. Obviously it’s for teenagers and it’s Thai so they kissed twice in the entire series and it was really just a peck but their mouths were actually open so, that’s a win. They’re making a second season which should air later this year so I’ll watch that when it starts. I love GMMTV because they subtitle their own shows on Youtube. It’s delayed so they don’t upload the subbed version until about 4 episodes have already aired, but that’s better than nothing. Significantly better than most other networks. For a lot of the cast, SOTUS was their first drama (the two main actors in this were 20 and 21 at the time of filming, coincidentally both studying Economics at the same uni), and then they’ve started doing other stuff for GMM TV this year, so that’s nice to see. I’m following the main pair on Twitter and Instagram now. Singto won some kind of popularity award at an award show and they’re both touring around Asia doing fanmeets. So that’s cool.SOTUS The Series couple kiss.png

Make It Right The Series – 2016. Another series based on a BL novel, produced by the same network that did Love Sick. It’s the same novel writer as Love Sick as well, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, Make It Right was not as good as Love Sick and I won’t be watching season 2. There were two main couples and in the first couple, the guy was cheating on his girlfriend with his male friend, and in the second couple, the guy basically forcibly had sex with the other boy. And they’re all in high school both in the show and in real life. The actors were all around 15/16 when they filmed it, which is likely why the kisses weren’t even real. As in, they shot it with camera angles to make it seem like they were touching but they really weren’t. Well, the main pair did actually touch lips maybe twice. So, in Love Sick, Captain was only 16 at the time and he had a proper open-mouthed make out session with White in season 1, but it didn’t air because his parents vetoed it. We only saw it in uncut videos on YouTube afterwards. I’m wondering if the network got stricter after that with minors. What I find fascinating about Thailand restrictions though, is that they can have a drama where someone gets raped, but they can’t show alcohol on screen so they have to blur it out. So in this drama, they had 15 year olds getting drunk and one of them practically raping another one but it’s the alcohol they can’t show on TV. There’s no logic to that whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 14.02.42.png

The blurring of the alcohol 😉


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