Drama Update – Korea

Everything is ending! Which means a whole bunch of new shows are beginning. Are you ready?

Remember, this is full of spoilers. Spoilers galore!

Lookout – That ending, I don’t know. Overall though, good show. The bad guys were actually smart, so smart that at times I was worried our good guys would actually get caught. I freaking loved the creepy teenage murderer Siwan, the way he smiled! I could totally understand how he could manipulate people around him, especially the teenage girl. If I were her, and he treated me the way he treated her, I would believe him over my mother any day. The actor Solomon Park is someone I’ve put on my list to follow. He’s one to watch, mark my words.Kid from Lookout

Ruler: Owner of the Mask – Yay for not killing ‘not evil just in a very unfair situation’ fake King, yay for the lovers being together officially, yay for big bad guy dying, yay for Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun both being so suited to sageuks, yay for the supporting cast who all did a smashing job. I admit I wanted to drop this so many times, but I think I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind for K-dramas in the last few weeks and so I just got sick of everything. I don’t think the middle section was as boring as I thought it was, and I definitely think it improved in the last third.

Fight For My Way – Cute and light hearted. It was also full of drama but at the same time, it still just felt cute and light hearted. It was rather slice of life; people just living their lives with things happening to them. Dong Man and Ae Ra both realising what their dreams were and helping them towards that goal (well, Ae Ra was less supportive but for an understandable reason). Secondary couple Jooman and Seolhee were frustrating to watch but seeing Jooman realise what he wanted and seeing Seolhee taking charge of her own life and finding her own interests, that was all worth it. I wasn’t part of the Hating Jooman club online, I didn’t like him for some of the things he did and said but he wasn’t as horrible as some people made him out to be. I also think he learned from his mistakes, which is all anyone can do.Fight For My Way

Circle – A solid 12 episodes. I wasn’t sure how to feel at the end with the clone. I wanted to meet Woojin as an adult although at the same time, I guess if we met him, we wouldn’t know him and then it would be liking seeing a random stranger have emotional moments with all of the characters we do know and love. But then at the same time, it’s fake Woojin getting to have those moments. I just don’t know how to feel. It was very sweet though, seeing Woojin and Jung Yeon at the end there, before the alien motif popped up again. I loved the cast and the characters, everything was done very well.

Best Hit – One more week left. I did feel like they hit fast forward on Hyun Jae’s feelings for Woo Seung and her reciprocating them, but seeing Ji Hoon step back from pursuing her when he realised it was never going to happen and wasn’t fair on her, that was lovely to see. I would have loved Woo Seung to realise she loved Ji Hoon but I don’t think it was ever an option for her. Not that the Show didn’t throw in random comments and scenes to make us think it was an option, pfft! Unnecessary, Show! This series didn’t rate at all in Korea and for that I’m disappointed because I love Yoon Si Yoon and Cha Tae Hyun and they deserve better, and this show overall deserves better. Unfortunately, it had more of a cable feel, and that just doesn’t flow on a Korean commercial network. It was too fun and non-serial killery for the general Korean public. It also aired on Friday and Saturday nights, which is a stupid time for any show. Anyway, I look forward to next week and seeing if he does indeed go back in time. And I want to know who Ji Hoon’s real father is, if it’s not Hyun Jae like we all suspect.Best Hit YSY 4

Suspicious Partner – Choi Taejoon is pretty and a good kisser, as is Ji Chang Wook. I was so over this show by the time it finally finished, but there wasn’t anything specifically wrong with it, I just didn’t overly care about it anymore. It was Wookie’s last drama before his enlistment though so I’m glad it got decent recognition in Korea. I also really like Nam Ji Hyun and hope she keeps rising through the ranks. Oh, and the actor playing the serial killer (Dong Ha) did a solid job. I’ve seen him in a few dramas before but I think this is the drama he will get noticed for.

Duel – Two weeks left! We find out new details every week, and they’ve stopped with the whole ‘begin with the end and then backtrack’ that they did in the first few episodes. We know why the clones were created, we know who all of the people involved are, we know why Sung Hoon is the way he is (and yes, he killed bad people but I still feel sorry for him because you try being raised like that and not becoming a serial killer). I’m hoping for a nice brotherly reunion at some point before the end (that isn’t just them fighting each other), but I’m also thinking both clones will end up dead in the end.Yang Se Jong Duel smile

Bride of the Water God – This started 2 weeks ago. It can be very funny, and I like how Ha Baek can watch someone do something and then automatically start doing it himself, even if it’s something he’s never seen before. Like driving or skateboarding. I also loved how she found out that he was a real God within the first 4 episodes, I was concerned it would take longer. And Krystal and Gong Myung haven’t done much yet but I’m intrigued about their characters. Oh, and Limnium as well, he’s so funny! So yeah, I’m enjoying it.

I was going to write about the Thai dramas I’ve been watching as well but I might do a separate post for them. I have a lot of screenshots and gifs…


2 thoughts on “Drama Update – Korea

  1. I can’t believe it but I dropped suspicious partner and fight my way within a few episodes of finishing. I was just like so done. Actually I was so done with suspicious partner about halfway through, it dragged. Fight my way, I just think I stopped caring.

    I’m going to miss The Best Hit, each episode is a gift. Despite some of the issues I really enjoy Bride of the Water God.

    • I considered dropping Suspicious Partner literally every week when I would see it had been uploaded and think “Urgh, well, I guess I should watch it…”. But it was so inoffensive, I think I just kept watching because I might as well. I mean, what else am I doing with my time anyway? lol. I also like Choi Taejoon 😉

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