Drama catch-up – Korea

Weirdly, there was more in my Thai list than there is in my Korean. Huh… Also, remember, spoilers galore.

Manhole – This rated abysmally. Abysmally! It barely hit 2 for the final episode. I really feel bad for the whole cast and crew and Jaejoong in particular as it was his first post-military drama. Honestly, I thought it was pretty good for the most part. They rushed some things, like the relationship between Seoktae and Jinsook, and they made Seoktae a better person than he was in the beginning without their actually being a slow redeem build up. And in one of the future timelines, JeongAe chose GooGil over DalSoo but then we never saw a hint of that ever again. So it was a bit all over the place sometimes. Bong Pil and Soojin had a pretty solid relationship though, and it was actually amazing the way Soojin stayed friends with Bong Pil despite everything he did.

School 2017 – So cute! Taewoon and Eun Ho were genuine friends (and she was able to unashamedly do aegyo with a straight face and he freaking found it hilarious), and then the others joined their group and they were all close friends together and it was just a sweet drama. Sure, there was some drama, and the teachers were ridiculous, but the homeroom teacher was a lovely man and the sports teacher was funny and Eun Ho’s parents were bloody fantastic, how supportive they were.Ra Eun Ho aegyo School 2017

Strongest Deliveryman – Happy endings all around. It dropped off a bit towards the end, wasn’t as interesting or fun, but Ji Yoon ended up being my favourite character and the way she treated Jin Gyu was priceless. She basically saved him, and he appreciated it. They were my favourite couple, even though I did also quite like Yeonji and Minchan and their little romance that popped up. He was just this nice guy helping her and not judging, which is what she needed.

The King Loves – I’ll be honest with you, I’m pretty sure I was distracted on Twitter during most of the last few episodes, so I can’t for the life of me remember the reasoning for anything that happened. Anyway, the Crown Prince faked the death of his friends and they ran off together. Also, I was sad and unsurprised when the bad guy’s bodyguard died.The King Loves

Andante – Only 4 eps in, it only airs once a week. I really like it, the kids are all watchable and I love how the kid with the bike just befriended these two siblings for no other reason but he lives nearby and saw them the day they moved in. It’s funny how the grandmother loves her grandson because he reminds her of her son but doesn’t seem to care much for her granddaughter.

Man Who Sets The Table – This is a weekend drama, I’m 16 episodes in and every week I ask myself if it’s time to drop it. The father is one of the most awful father’s i’ve ever had the misfortune to watch, so I now skip every single scene he’s in. It doesn’t matter who he’s talking to or why or what he’s doing, I skip right past because I cannot stand to watch him for even a minute. Now, if we get past him, Sooyoung and Ohn Joo Wan are fairly cute together. They’ve pretty much already decided they’re going to be together forever, even though they’re taking things very slowly. They’re rather bland but Ohn Joo Wan, who I love, tends to be like that anyway. He just plays nice people. The other family, with Shim Hyung Tak and Lee Il Hwa, are adorable. The son and daughter are only in a couple of scenes an episode but they are so supportive of each other that I love watching them. The son wants to drop out of school and become a make-up artist, and his sister calls him Unnie because he made a comment several episodes ago about not really feeling like a male. That’s actually rather progressive of Korea.Man Who Sets the Table

While You Were Sleeping – 16 eps in and I am really enjoying it. The romance is bubbling away, not moving too fast or too slow, and the friendship between the trio is solid. Jung Hae In as the cop is adorbs, and the visions are interesting. I love how they each see different versions of the same thing. Hong Joo sees the event itself, Jae Chan sees Hong Joo at the event, and Woo Tak sees both of them. It’s rather brilliant. Sometimes they see different versions of the same event as well, which chucks a spanner into the works. It makes it interesting though because it shows how things can be changed depending on the actions a person takes. So far, the court cases haven’t been too stupid either.

Temperature of Love – 18 eps in, so almost halfway. I really like this show. My boy Yang Se Jong is everyone’s new puppy, which I am so happy about. Okay, Jo’s new puppy, but I’m just gonna say everyone’s because surely he is, right? And the kisses, oh the kisses. They’re being so adult with each other. They’re talking to each other, they’re not letting people get in their way, they’re just direct and straightforward and say what they mean and how they feel. It’s so refreshing! And it WAS winning its timeslot in the ratings (before Witch’s Court started) so that was nice. Kim Jae Wook looks HOT although I’m not quite sure where they’re heading with his character. He’s a decent guy so far, and he also appreciates his friendship with Chef, so I don’t know if he’ll completely throw that out the window for his non-chance with Hyun Soo. We’ll find out soon, at any rate. Oh, and Hong Ah is kind of frustrating but she’s not entirely a horrible person and the Sous Chef loves her (for some inexplicable reason) so I do look forward to seeing how that situation plays out. With Sous Chef stick by her even if she gets worse? Or will he give up on her eventually as well and then she’ll have lost everyone?

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Dramas that started last week and that I will write about next time:

20th Century Boy & Girl, Black, Revolutionary Love, Because This Is My First Life, Go Back Spouses


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