Drama Catch-Up – Thailand/China

It’s been ages since my last catch-up, wow! I’ll do Thailand and China first and then another post for Korea.

Together With Me The Series – I have so much love for this series! I now have a folder on my phone for all of the photos I’ve downloaded from Instagram and Twitter of Max and Tul, the actors playing the main couple. A Twitter chingu calls this the porn drama, and that’s probably a fitting name. I mean, PG porn, obviously. But these two men have chemistry off the charts, and have the hottest makeout/sex scenes I’ve seen in a Thai drama. Ever. See below for evidence! I loved this show the entire series, even when it was predominantly just angst for a few episodes near the end. It’s not like we didn’t know how it would end, so I just got through that while waiting for the next kiss. I also really liked the secondary pairing of their architect friend Phu and the Professor. I didn’t expect her to just let him convince her to date him! The other secondary couple, Farm and the Doc, were mostly just really awkward to watch. In one scene, the Doc tries to convince Farm to have an orgy (!) and Farm is a really innocent boy who just wants the Doc to love him, and it was the most uncomfortable scene to watch! And it broke Farm. We need a season 3 to see how Farm fixes himself. I recommend this drama to everyone who likes BL. It’s jumped ahead of SOTUS as my favourite, although because of how graphic it is (compared to SOTUS, which is G-rated), it’s really just in a different category entirely.

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My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 – I had been seeing updates for this drama for months before it was actually on air, and usually GMM puts the episodes up subbed on Youtube 4 weeks after a drama starts airing but this time it was 6 weeks, so I was seeing advanced spoilers all over Instagram before I’d even seen an episode. And then a fansubber started subbing it so I marathoned most of it in a few days, lol. This was a cute show. Main guy could be a little shit sometimes, and was a bit frustrating, but I did give him props for eventually standing up to his bullies. Main girl was fine, and broke up with her boyfriend because he was a shit and not because she liked anyone else, and the secondary gay pairing was sweet. They were genuine friends, and although I wasn’t quite sure about their conversation at the end, they’re 17 so it was probably actually realistic. Also, lol at the fanservice in the final episode.

Laughing adorable My Dear Loser.gif

Loob Korn Kammathap (Cupid Series 4) – I barely remember this. Main guy was very white. Main girl was pretty with awesome clothes. Main girl’s sister was sort of annoying but understandable, and I liked the cop who liked her. Oh, the half-Thai actor who I’ve only ever seen play douchebags still can’t act.

Sorn Ruk Kammathep (Cupid Series 5) – Now, this couple were very cute and had excellent chemistry. They also didn’t let misunderstandings get in their way, which I always appreciate. Her mother was a horror to watch but her grandmother was surprisingly on her side. Probably the second best couple of the series so far, after Hunsa.

Secret Seven Series – 5 eps in, and I’m not sure who the endgame guy is. Tay is the most reasonable choice but ‘friend since childhood’ Mek would fit the trope. It’s obviously not the adorable maknae Captain or the cousin-not-cousin Gun (who we still aren’t confident isn’t actually gay) or the weird always-smiling Oab, but Kang and Lee are doing pretty well for themselves so they are outside possibilities. This is a cute easy watch. Also, i squealed when a product from the company I work for showed up as PPL in one of the scenes. The product placement in all GMM TV series is very blatant and in virtually every scene, but it’s usually green tea or soy milk or a snack food or something. This was a random once-off PPL of Lush Toothy Tabs.Lush PPL Secret Seven Series 1Lush PPL Secret Seven Series 2

You’re My Destiny – This is the Thai remake of the Taiwanese drama Fated To Love You. It was remade in Korea a few years ago and now it’s Thailand’s turn. We’re 8 eps in now and so far so good. I can’t remember the Taiwanese version very well, it’s the Korean one I remember, but so far everything seems to be going along exactly as it should. Esther and Bie are both very cute together and doing a lovely job of making us care for these characters. I’m hoping the younger brother becomes a good guy like in the K-version and that the fiancee is also fairly decent, but we’ll see.

Massaya/Mussaya – This is 17 eps, I’ve watched 13 so far. It’s a channel 7 lakorn, which I usually don’t watch because most of the Ch7 lakorns I’ve watched have been angsty and frustrating and not that funny. Massaya is actually really enjoyable though. There are hardly any characters that I want to fast forward (the only characters I skip straight past are the Aunt and cousin, who are very typical Thai bitches and you don’t need to watch them to know exactly what they’re saying and doing), and the main pair are fairly adorable. The height difference makes me laugh, and it probably should be weird that Massaya is in high school so she can’t be older than 18 and Lak is an army Lieutenant who I swear is never at work and has all the time in the world to chauffeur Massaya around, but you know, it’s a drama, you ignore the realities in drama world. They’re both attractive and Massaya doesn’t take shit from anyone, which honestly is not always the case. She even stands up to Gran! Lak has been a bit annoying in how he’ll tell Massaya he loves her but then decides they shouldn’t be together (cos Gran won’t agree, blah blah blah) and so makes Massaya hate him so that it’s easier for him to move on, but then decides he can’t live without her and convinces her he was wrong and to get back with him. He did that whole process twice! Massaya is just being pushed and pull every which way, poor kid. She was always steadfast in her feelings and actions for Lak though.Mick from MassayaMassaya

Leh Lub Salub Rarng – Last time I wrote about this, I’d watched 6 episodes. One of my concerns was “I just don’t know how they’re going to solidify the romance and have them switch back into their bodies in only 4 eps”. Turns out, they just pressed fast forward on the romance instead, so that was somewhat unfulfilling. And they ended up switching back but then almost dying and switching back again, but not before having sex and getting pregnant, so Ramin gave birth to the baby in Petra’s body. And then they switch back again. So, I would say the first 6 eps of this drama were great, and then it got less great as it went along. They just didn’t go where I thought they would, or should, even with the best friend and fiancee. They just got together with barely a ruffle of feathers. She was hurt for like, a day, that Ramin and his friend were both lying to her, and then she just got together with the bestie just like that. And then they got married practically straight away. Why did they rush the romances? That was almost literally the show! Anyways, it was still a fun drama, just wasn’t as good as it should have been. Also, I watched an interview with the actors about the drama and I really loved Yaya’s makeup here so I had to take a screenshot. It’s not a great photo but doesn’t she look delightful?Yaya pretty

The King’s Woman – I don’t know. I do know that I like Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba, which is the reason I watched the show, but I don’t know what I think about it. I skipped the entire storyline of the second lead. I watched his scenes occasionally so that I knew what was going on but it wasn’t exactly complicated. That actor playing the second lead, he was the second lead in Novoland as well and I don’t know if it’s because he was so pathetic in that show that I don’t like him now, or if that actor really just has no screen presence. In any case, I really just do not care for him and did not care for his character. Now, Senior Han on the other hand, I really liked him and would have been quite happy if Li and Han ran off together and left the douchebag King to rot. It was difficult because the King is the main character. And I always want to like the main character; I often find a drama difficult to watch if I don’t. And the King in this was a bad guy. He killed people, he blackmailed Li, he used her son to keep her with him. He was crazily obsessive. But I don’t think I ever really disliked him, not in the way you should. Probably because he looked at her like this. Sigh. I don’t think I would recommend this drama to people but I think I did like it overall.

King's Woman

King Is Not Easy – First 12 or so eps were great. Very funny, easy to watch, silly but not slapsticky. And then I have no idea what happened. It’s like a new writer came in and completely changed the story. I finished it but didn’t even know how to rate it because it was like watching two different dramas…


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