Drama Catch-up

20th Century Boy & Girl – The main two characters didn’t get together as soon as they should have but they’re cute together. I love love love the friendship between the three women. All three of them would drop everything if one of the others required them to. They’re so supportive and so caring, it’s beautiful. I also love Flight Attendant and Doc, they’re adorable together, and the two lawyers are also very sweet together (that’s a slow burn, that relationship), and Jin Joo’s Mum is lovely. It’s one of those shows that isn’t overall a great show (and it’s rating very poorly in Korea) but it has a lot of individual things going for it. Hyung realised his little bro was dating Jin Joo and is trying hard to protect her and their relationship as well as himself. He’s a good guy, is Hyung. The fact that Jin Joo keeps calling him Oppa and treating him like her favourite idol despite the fact that she is above him on the entertainment scale and has worked with him as equals does make me laugh.

Black – Paused at episode 4. I don’t want to drop it but I just don’t have time to watch everything at the moment. So it’s on hold until I have time. I like the premise and I want to watch Grim Reaper fall in love with Go Ara. I know a lot of the cast too.

Revolutionary Love – Dropped after ep 5. Sorry Siwon, sorry Kang Sora, sorry Gong Myung. I love you all but I just found I wasn’t anticipating the next episode, and with everything else I’ve been watching, I had to give up the shows I didn’t care for.

Because This Is My First Life – 14 eps in, so one week left. This is one of those slow, static dramas. You know, when the main characters don’t raise their voices or fight or show much emotion. All of that is left to the other characters. Without a doubt my favourite couple are Sooji and Ma CEO; they can be unrealistic but they are also very genuine and honest, which I love. Horang and puppy are the most annoying pair but saying that, I understand where each of them is coming from and how they got to this point. They were both basically living single lives together, and hadn’t properly discussed their future. When Horang got to 30, she feels like she should be settling down now, but puppy isn’t ready for it. It’s unfortunate because both of them do love each other and don’t necessarily want to leave each other but when you’re not at the same place in your life, sometimes a break is what you need. I do want them to end up back together in the end though. The main couple are sweet though, and they don’t tend to let things hang over them. I’m not sure if it’s okay that Sehee shows his love for main girl by being violent towards people he thinks are hurting her because we don’t see that in any other aspect of his life so is he just hiding that part of himself? I know what the show is telling us but I don’t think it’s healthy.Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 19.11.26

Go Back Spouses – This was only 12 episodes so it’s finished already. Everyone was likeable in this drama. There wasn’t anyone you hated except the douchebag Doctor and he got his comeuppance (and how lovely was it that his wife ended up with someone who really loved her?). Second lead was adorbs, we loved him. What was with the weird fantasy scene right at the very end of the last episode though?

Temperature of Love – Now, this lost what was good about it about halfway through, and then got happy and light again near the end. There was a solid 6 episodes which I wasn’t thrilled with. Main couple were still talking but it was angsty talking and I never fully understood why they were acting like that. And why did second lead turn into a jerk for a while and then just switch back to a non-jerk? I mean, it was appreciated, but it’s not like he learned anything new while he was trying to get the girl while knowing she didn’t love him… But anyway, I still keep the main pairing on my Best Couple list. They didn’t even break up for long, and then got back together and talked about everything and sorted themselves out. Jung Sun gave up a career opportunity in Hong Kong for her and I don’t even care because it was within character. He’s a romantic. He cares more about her and their love than he does his career, he always has.

Mad Dog – Paused at ep 8 while I try to find time for it. I fast forward straight past the insurance company stuff and just watch the gang and Min Joon, and that’s all that you have to watch anyway. Min Joon is delightful; one minute he’ll be all tough and then the next he’ll be scared of cockroaches. Love him.

While You Were Sleeping – This was nice. It was just nice. And apparently the point of the show was to put the douchebag lawyer down, so that happened. I mean, we weren’t watching for that storyline, lol, so at least the romance developed organically. They just kind of got together. No big confessions, just a natural progression from friends to lovers. Her mum had a genuine reason for not wanting them together but she listened to them and trusted them and that was all good. There was never really an explanation for why Hong Joo had powers though, was there? Huh.

Tieng Narng Mai – This is a sweet Thai series. The episodes are only an hour, which is much appreciated. The main couple are beautiful and caring and love each other, and the other characters aren’t even that evil. I skip past a couple of the characters but mostly just because they don’t really add much to the story. I know we’ll get a bit of angst coming up as the main pair have to be separated for the sake of the forest, but with this show, even angst is light so it’s still going to be fine. They just need to look at each other and my heart melts.

Waiting for Prison Playbook to be subbed. I started Judge vs Judge but stopped after the first episode. I’ll think about it when I have time. Man in the Kitchen has been dropped. Just, again, not much time and I was fast forwarding half the eps as it was. It’s a pity because I like the cast.


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