Drama catch-up

Last update before my End of Year review!

Black – This was quite enjoyable, although I will admit that the episodes were so long (1.5 hrs) that I wasn’t always paying attention to everything. For a lot of the episodes, I completely ignored the Doctor ex-girlfriend and the older businessmen. I mean, I just didn’t care about them. I didn’t fast forward, I just tended to play on my phone during those scenes. Although in the end, there was so much exposition that I could have probably jumped to episode 17 and not have missed anything. I was fully focused on the show when Haram and 444 were on screen though because they were beautiful. Watching 444 gradually come to care for Haram and then realise how he was feeling and actually accept those feelings, it was a slow burn but it was adorable. The twists that kept coming at the end were awesome; they were not totally unexpected but still almost a surprise, so it was done well. This was my first Song Seung Heon drama and I loved him, so I think this was the best drama to start with for him. I’m not interested in the majority of his other dramas, which is why I’ve never seen him in anything, but if he does another one, maybe I’ll check it out.

I’m Not A Robot – Currently my favourite airing drama (12 eps in so far). Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soobin are so utterly perfect for each other, I watch every episode just wondering how they manage to be so perfect together. They just look so good. So good. But they’re also the right amount of cute and caring and sweet. The show itself is also really funny; it has a quirky sense of humour that fits me. In one episode, they had a delivery of live crabs that got scattered throughout the room, and the brother and doctor were having a serious conversation but each time the camera would switch focus, you’d see a new crab pop up on them. I was dying! And, it looks like next week he finds out that Jia is human, so I can’t wait to see how that unfolds. I’m disappointed that this isn’t rating but it’s on at the same time as Prison Playbook and Black Knight, so they’re taking the views. I just hope the low ratings don’t make the producers try to change things, because at the moment it’s moving along really nicely. Please don’t ruin it!

Prison Playbook – The episodes are too long (over an hour & a half, even longer than Black) but the show itself is really beautiful (and rating well in Korea too). It’s all about a bunch of characters at a prison, centred around idiot baseball player Kim Je Hyuk and his cellmates and the guards. We get each of their stories bit by bit. We’re halfway through and we’re gradually getting Je Hyuk’s love story with his girlfriend (he’s 10 years older than her, has known her since she was a kid, but is so stupid and emotionally immature that it doesn’t even feel squicky. He clearly only thought of her as a kid when she was younger, and it wasn’t until she was in Uni that he saw her as a woman), and his friend’s love story with Je Hyuk’s sister (who has also had a crush on him since she was a teenager), and Je Hyuk’s cellmate’s stories (he even has a gay druggy cellmate who has apparently become really popular in Korea, which is awesome because I love him as well). They’re not all good people, obviously. They’re in jail for a reason. But it humanises them all. And some of them are actually innocent. One guy took the fall for his dodgy company, another guy was framed for murder. The gay druggy was either selling drugs or buying them, I’m not sure, but he made the decision this week to quit drugs completely for the sake of his relationship (awwwwwwww!). So yeah, this is one solid drama.

Black Knight – 6 eps in and my favourite character is the ex-boyfriend who shows up a couple of times an episode. He’s bloody brilliant. He told her she was too poor to date, and then after he’d broken her heart, realised he actually really liked her and so tried to get her back. He sent her these pictures in all sincerity. I mean, how can you not love him? As to the actual main characters, I like them too. Kim Rae Won likes to play the “very openly in love with the girl” character, doesn’t he? It’s a very serious drama though so the ex-boyfriend is the only humour we’re getting.Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.00.23Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.00.39

Two Cops – Jo Jung Suk and the adorable guy from Strongest Deliveryman are both in love with Hyeri and courting her from within the same body, but who is Hyeri falling in love with? Obviously we’re hoping for the cop, and he was the one that kissed her first, but then the scam artist kissed her as well (!) and poor Hyeri must be so confused. I really really hope she does find out that there are two of them. She’s already said that it seems like he’s a different person sometimes.

The Unit – This is a survival show like Produce 101, but it’s all kids who have already debuted (Boys Republic, Big Flo, ACE, Bigstar, etc). Well, mostly. Lee Jung Ha has never done anything and can’t seem to do anything but is still in the top 20, lol. He’s pretty adorable. Our baby Jun from U-Kiss (who I saw live in London when he was 17 and he’s 20 now and so grown up!) is no. 1 in viewer votes now (Taemin’s friend Timoteo was no. 1 every week until last week when Jun finally jumped ahead of him) and I couldn’t be prouder. He’s a talented boy, our Jun. The show is pretty entertaining, watching the groups prepare new performances each week, although you can tell who the producers favour. Daewon from Madtown, for example. He’s not stupid. In the first week, he volunteered to teach the kids from the band Mas to dance, as they’re not idols and can’t do anything. That immediately got him significant positive screen time, and he’s no. 8 in viewer votes now. Last week, his teammates called him “the Angel Daewon”. They know exactly how they’re being portrayed. Feeldog has been in the top 10 every week and has been getting a lot of screen time as well, as one of the more well known participants and the best dancer on the show. And the shortest ;-).

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 18.32.21

You’re My Destiny (Thai Fated To Love You remake) – This was nice. I found it wasn’t as emotionally compelling as the Korean version, but I really liked Esther and Bie and their takes on the characters, and they were super cute together. Esther is one of my favourite Thai actresses, I find her to be quite natural. And she’s attractive in a girl next door way, which is always my type.

Andante – Slow going. I watch one episode every couple of weeks, lol. I think 12 eps have aired so far though so i’m not too far behind. It’s still cute. Kai is doing a good job, I can see him really growing into a solid actor.

Doubtful Victory – So after the first couple of weeks, I was totally sold, but then the next few episodes weren’t as interesting. Why did they have to kill his friend!? We’re only 16 episodes in so far and I really like the cast so I’ll stick with it.

Mad Dog – Min Joooooooooooon! Seriously, I fast forwarded straight past anyone who wasn’t Minjoon or Mad Dog and his team. And found that was totally fine. I mean, look at this cheeky bugger!Mad Dog 1

My Dear Loser: Monster Romance – I’ve only watched the first 3 eps because of the GMMTV lag, so not much to say about it yet. I like the show so far, and I like how Mook and Lee had an immediate connection and continue to have genuine feelings for each other, even if Mook’s character isn’t totally honest about that with her friends.  I feel sorry for Ssing’s character that he likes Namtam but she likes Lee. And yes, I can’t remember any of the character’s names which is why I’m calling them by the actor’s names…

Tieng Narng Mai – I mentioned this briefly in my last post and you know, it actually stayed pretty cute the entire way through. Even when they had to break up, and there was some noble idiocy involved, it wasn’t annoying and it didn’t last that long. It was a bit sad near the end because there was never going to be a way for them to stay together exactly as they were, but every character got a happy ending in the end, and it was lovely. I watched the last few episodes in record time because I fast forwarded the parents and the douchebag characters that I didn’t really need to see, and just watched who I wanted to watch. I mean, no one is watching this drama for anything but the sweet romance. And there were three romances, and they were all adorable, and overall I did enjoy this show. It helped that the main pair were perfect suited to each other looks-wise. I mean, I just liked looking at them.

Cr: siamdara.com

Secret Seven Series – 10 eps in, so 2 left. This is one of those shows that is a really easy watch but isn’t anything to write home about, isn’t even necessarily something you’d recommend to others, but you like it when you’re watching it. There’s no depth to anything or anyone. You don’t really care all that much about who she ends up with in the end because we really don’t know enough about any of the guys to think any of them are suitable. I do, however, love the Liftoil/Spoil romance. Yay Gun for finally playing a straight character!

SOTUS S: The Series – Only 3 eps in so far but it’s nice to have everyone back. Even M and May, who are so natural and act like such genuine friends that I really look forward to seeing her accept him as a man instead of just a friend. They act more natural than Arthit and Kongpob do, who are the couple who have supposedly been dating for over 2 years! Honestly, if we didn’t have the innuendo that I’ve come to expect from a GMMTV show, we wouldn’t even know they were IN a relationship. The new characters are fun though, and I know we get a kiss by the end of the series, and as long as they don’t completely ruin Arthit and Kong’s relationship, I’ll be okay.

The pics below: Kong’s face when Arthit made a comment about waiting til they get home to “touch him”. Priceless. And it’s nice to see the GMMTV fruit drink PPL is live and kicking. Hey there, Nicky Nachat.

Master Key – This is a variety show, which I usually don’t talk about but I wanted to briefly mention it here because it was Master Key that introduced me to Wanna One’s Ong Seung Woo and solidified my love for Kang Daniel. You know how sometimes someone will be really popular and you won’t quite understand why? Not the case with Daniel. He gets the highest viewer votes every week on Master Key (unless there’s an EXO member there) and is hugely popular in Korea right now, and I totally get why. He’s freaking adorable! And Ong Seung Woo is as well, and he’s not always the smoothest guy around but he’s not dumb, and he’s just really funny and so suited to variety. I made the executive decision not to watch any of Wanna One’s variety show because I don’t have room for another group in my life but every time I watch Master Key and see those two boys or if one of the other Wanna One members guest stars, I find myself googling them again. All of the boys are just so adorable. I really love their album as well, but I don’t want to get too into them because they’re disbanding in 2018. It seems like I’d just be setting myself up for tears if I got into them only to see them all dissipate. I’ll definitely follow Daniel and Seung Woo’s careers though, after Wanna One.

OffGun Fun Night – This is simply because I want to put my gifs somewhere. LOOK HOW MUCH FUN THEY’RE HAVING!

Singot face

His face, I’m dead

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