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Obviously, We Are The Champions



via Daily Prompt: Passport

Did you know the Australian passport is ranked 7th on the Global Passport index, along with New Zealand and Iceland? Why is that? Why are there some countries that Australians can’t enter without a visa but passport holders from Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and 19 other countries can? What are we lacking? Genuine question.

Anyway, I have two passports. I have my flashy new Aussie passport, which I needed to get renewed before I move to Canada, and I have my British passport (ranked 3rd on the GP index), which used to be so much more valuable before Brexit happened. Now, it’s fairly useless as all it gets me is the right to live in the UK without a visa. With my UK passport in Europe, I could go through the EU line instead of the Everything Else line at Immigration; it was honestly one of the best things about travelling with my Mum because I could tease her every time I got through quicker than she did (yes, I am that childish).

The current British passports still say that it’s part of the EU; I wonder if we’ll need to replace our passports soon…


via Daily Prompt: Ordinary

In Korean, the word for ‘ordinary/normal’ is “potong” (보통). In Chinese, it’s “putong” (普通). The Korean word comes from the same Chinese characters but I wonder if they always pronounced it with that slight difference (‘o’ instead of ‘u’), or if it changed over time.

Whenever I’m watching Chinese dramas, I always love hearing a word and realising “Oh hey, that’s another one Korea kept from the old Chinese”. Korean people originally spoke their own version of Classical Chinese until one day King Sejong created hangul to make it easier for his people to become literate. I’ve watched 3 dramas with King Sejong in them and he’s always portrayed as a good King. Seeing as it was hundreds of years ago, he probably also killed a bunch of people. Who knows. Anyway, Potong is one of the first words that I learned was a carry over from the old days, so whenever I think ‘ordinary’, I think of ‘potong’.


via Daily Prompt: Murmuration

“What the hell does Murmuration mean?” was obviously the first thing I thought when I saw this prompt. Google informed me that it’s the name for a flock of starlings flying together. They make all sorts of amazing formations, so it looks really cool. It actually reminded me of the school of fish in Finding Nemo that gave Dory directions. “Safety in numbers” is what the birds are thinking. Is it the same for fish?

Check it out, a heart of starlings!


This is my first post on my new blog and as I have no theme and nothing to write about, I have decided to try writing posts using daily prompts from the Daily Post. The prompt on January 1 was the delightfully appropriate ‘Year’. While it may not be January 1st anymore, that particular prompt did seem a perfect way to begin my blog.

It is now 2017, it is my 31st year on this planet and I have accomplished absolutely nothing. I do not have a family, I do not have a career, I do not own a house or any viable assets, I have very little savings. Right up to my 28th year, I just lived in Melbourne and worked in a fairly crappy job saving up money to travel when I could get time off work. In 2014 though, I decided to up and move to London, and so that is where I have been for the last 2 years. Living in London doing whatever I wanted, spending my money however I wanted, with no responsibilities tying me down. I flew to Milan for a weekend to see a Chinese actor, I flew to New York to watch my favourite k-pop group, I flew to Helsinki, to Madrid, to Paris, to Egypt, to Copenhagen, to Vienna and Stockholm for Eurovision, to Russia, to Iceland. I drove through Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales when my Mum visited; after quitting my job in London I spent three months travelling around Korea and Japan. I lived for myself and myself only. I will continue in that fashion for at least the next two years, as I move to Canada on a working holiday visa.

I do sometimes wonder if enjoying my life now means I will regret it later though. I don’t want children or a long term partner and never have but occasionally I do think about my future. When I’m the crazy old cat lady living in her cheap 1 bedroom apartment who spends her nights watching TV and spying on the neighbours, will I think to myself “It would be nice to have someone to cuddle right now”? At the moment, I don’t like people in my space; I’m not very good at compromising, and I’m very selfish. I like what I like and I don’t want to change so that someone else can fit into my life. The minute I bring someone into my life, I lose the freedom I currently have to just run away for a weekend. But if the day ever comes when I stop travelling and decide it’s time to put down some roots, will it then be too late?

I don’t know. I’m just going to continue living my life and leave the future in the future. If i regret it, I regret it. But while I’m living these years, I’m going to live them and enjoy them to the fullest while I can.